Thursday, July 26, 2007

The situation of the renewable energies in Hungary

Solar energy
  • Suncollector (heating)
  • Sunbattery (electricity)
  • Passive way of using sun energy
  • Wind turbinas (electricity)
  • Hungary is a medium windy country and we started to use nowadays this technology
Geothermal energy
  • The conditions in Hungary are quiet good, but till this time we could not use it fully
  • No fast rivers
  • Other solutions to making energy from water damage the nature
In general the conditions of renewable energies are good and it is very important to use them, because actually Hungary imports the 70% of its energy

Advantages of renewable energies in Hungary
  • Fulfill the Protocol of Kyoto
  • Reduce the level of carbon-dioxid
  • Rural development
  • More workplace
  • Foreign development investment (FDI)

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